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Photo of the Month - July-August 2022: Jaws

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Stars Season!

Usually I'm not into night photography. But when several friends get together - the company was totally worth the hassle. This month's image features a magnificent rock formation we found in the Negev Desert, standing under the Milky Way.

I've struggled making up my mind which of the associations which came to mind I like best. But finally, it was between a hand catching an arrow, and a dinosaur (or some other animal) catching a bone with its jaws. Finally, I decided to go for Jaws.

Which one is it for you? Or do you have some other interpretation?

A desert rock formation standing under the milky way in the Negev Desert.
Jaws: A beautiful rock formation standing under the Milky Way in the Negev desert.

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