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Photo of the Month - March-April 2022: Tethys Tide

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Morning fog flows through the trees, forming a beautiful fog wave. Gentle silhouettes of trees in the hillside grove can be seen through the rolling fog.

An photo of fog wave rolling on a hillside in the Mountains of Jerusalem
Tethys Tide: rolling fog in the Mountains of Jerusalem

I've been dreaming of capturing such an image for a long time. Oftentimes, the fog is not consistent enough to allow capturing the flow. And at other occasions, it's too thick to show the trees. This particular morning was perfect from every possible aspect: I've managed to arrive early enough at the location, to allow the necessary time to walk and compose. And the fog could be seen from afar.

Hoping for the best for all the people whose homes were taken by war. May this violence finally come to an end.

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